American Heart Month

February is American Heart Month! Every year American Heart Month is observed for the the month of February to raise awareness of the the importance of heart health. Every year more than 650,000 Americans die from heart disease. Take time this month to learn CPR, learn new heart healthy habits, and download the PulsePoint app to help provide life saving assistance to victims of sudden cardiac arrest. The PulsePoint app will tell you when someone nearby is having cardiac arrest so that you can start CPR before responders arrive. It will also direct you to the nearest pubic AED, or Automatic External Defibrillator, so that you can shock the heart back into rhythm. Seconds matter and bystander CPR response can triple a person’s chance of survival from a cardiac arrest. Click the banner above visit PulsePoint for more information.

In acknowledgement of the importance of the ongoing fight against cardiovascular disease, the Congress, by Joint Resolution approved December 30, 1963, as amended (36 U.S.C. 101), has requested that the President issue an annual proclamation designating February as “American Heart Month. President Lyndon B. Johnson, among the millions of people in the country who’d had heart attacks, issued the first proclamation for American Heart Month in 1964 to spotlight heart disease. Since then, U.S. presidents have annually declared the federally designated event for February.